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Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

Sunrain EVI heat pump is specially designed for heating and cooling. With EVI technology, this kind of heat pump can work very well in cold area such as -30℃. Using free renewable energy from the air, the heat pump is highly efficient with low cost. It can save energy up to 80% compared with traditional water heaters. 

EVI technology, -30℃ working

Heating & Cooling 

High efficiency with good performance

Famous brand EVI compressor with R410a

Enlarged heat exchangers, high COP

Whisper quiet fan

Intelligent controller

Reverse cycle defrost with 4-way valve

Operation protection included

100% factory tested

Schematic diagram

Heating and Cooling Heat Pump


GMCC compressor

The technology is mature and reliable, the key parts are processed by the FMS flexible production line, and the production level is high. 

Adopt the best balance design, so that the compressor vibration is small, low noise, more stable operation; 

With motor automatic cooling protection function and anti-liquid strike protection function, provide high and low voltage protection interface, long service life, the basic design life of 15 years.

Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

Electronic expansion valve

Realize automatic adjustment of water temperature

Large adjustment range, quick and sensitive control, stable and reliable

Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

High Efficiency A+++ Energy Level

Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

Heating and Cooling Heat Pump

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