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What Is the Difference Between a Heat Pump And a Pool Heater?

Aug. 14, 2021

Heat Pump

Heat Pump

A heat pump operates differently than a pool heater in that it uses electricity to capture heat and transfer it from one place to another and does not produce heat as a gas or propane heater does.


Gas and propane pool heaters will use more energy than a pool heat pump because they need to generate heat, not transfer it. However, if you live in a colder climate, a heat pump will need to use more energy because it needs to absorb heat from the outside air. Heat pumps may be ideal for people who use their pools in warm weather and don't live in cooler climates.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

A pool heat pump is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your pool. Heat pumps can save pool owners money in the long run, as they typically have much lower annual operating costs than gas heaters and can last up to 10 years or more if properly maintained.


These heating methods are environmentally friendly because they use less energy than other heating methods. They work by extracting heat from the outside air, adding heat with a compressor, transferring the heat to the water, and then exhausting the cold air from the top of the unit.

Sunrain swimming pool heat pump is a smart and reliable solution to heat the pool and spa. With most of the energy absorbed from the air, Sunrain pool heat pumps can heat the pool and spa all year round with much less cost. Running at low cost and without CO2 discharging, people can enjoy swimming or spa at pleasant water temperatures all over the year. 

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

For a heat pump water heater to operate effectively, the ambient outdoor air should be 45* or higher. This method of pool heating may be ideal for pool owners who use their pool in warm weather or live in a warm climate during the cold season.


  1. Recommended Application: Swimming Season

  2. Pool type: inground, above ground

  3. Pros: Low operating costs, environmentally friendly.


Pool Heaters

Swimming pool heaters are most efficient when used for short periods of time. They are good for heating pools quickly and for heating water faster than other heating methods. Natural gas or propane gas heaters are capable of maintaining a constant water temperature in all weather conditions. This option is ideal if you live in a climate where the average temperature is below 55 degrees and only need to heat the water for a short period of time.


If you don't want to heat your pool throughout the swimming season and you don't use your pool often; only on weekends or a few times a week, then you can simply turn the heater on when you use your pool, making the gas heater the most efficient heating method for your application.


If you decide to use a pool heater, you will need to choose between running the heater on natural gas or liquid propane. As such, you will need to consider the availability and cost of natural gas, as well as whether a natural gas line has been installed. The gas heater will also need to be refilled and connected to a propane tank. The type of fuel you use should be based on the availability and price of natural gas and propane in your area.

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