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  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump Commerical Type

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Commerical Type

Sunrain commercial pool heat pump is with a full range to meet different requirements for hotels, aqua parks, different sized commercial pools etc. The intelligent controller can keep the pools at a pleasant temperature so people can enjoy swimming all over the year. Using free renewable energy from the air, Sunrain pool heat pumps save energy up to 85% compared with a traditional heating system.

Latest in heat pump technology

Heating & Cooling

Ozone friendly & highly efficient

Famous scroll compressor with R410a

Grade one titanium heat exchanger

Intelligent controller

Enlarged heat exchangers, high COP

Reverse cycle defrost with 4-way valve

Hydrophilic fin coil coating

Operation protection included

100% factory tested

Schematic diagram


Swimming Pool Heat Pump Commerical Type


Low operation ambient temperature -25°C

S.P.D refined frost technology, accurate judgment of frost point, frost speed, greatly improve the heating capacity

Adopt the internationally famous ultra-low temperature compressor, which makes the energy efficiency of the product more than 30% higher than similar products in low temperature

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Commerical Type

R410 new refrigerant

The pool heat pump adopts the new refrigerant R32, which is energy saving, green, environmental protection and no harm to the ozone layer, which is in line with the sustainable development strategy

 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Commerical Type


Heat exchanger

The internal coils of heat exchangers are highly efficient finned tubes with advanced technology

The fin design increases the heat exchange area and effectively improves the heat exchange efficiency

The whole copper pipe has no internal solder joint, with high heat exchange efficiency, low flow resistance and strong anti-pollution ability


Swimming Pool Heat Pump Commerical Type

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Commerical Type

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