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49dB Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 1.1m3/H 60℃ 2.7kW 1160mm

49dB Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 1.1m3/H 60℃ 2.7kW 1160mm

49dB Heating And Cooling Heat Pump

2.7kW Heating And Cooling Heat Pump

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Product Details
Unpackage Size(mm):
1100mm* 480mm*1000mm
Net Weight:
IP Class:
Energy Class(SCOP) 35℃:
A+++(SCOP) 35℃,A++(SCOP) 55℃
Max Hot Water Temp.:
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Supply Ability
5000 Unit/Units per Month
Product Description

R32 Low energy heat pump Heating and Cooling Heat Pump High COP Air source heatpump




Model:   BLN-006TB1
Power Supply    V/Ph/Hz   220~240/1/50
Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W30/35℃)  Heating Capacity         kW 6.46 (2.50-8.30)
 Power Input        kW 1.31
 COP      W/W 4.93
Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W47/55℃)  Heating Capacity        kW 5.92
 Power Input        kW 1.87
 COP      W/W 3.02
Nominal Cooling (Max) (A35/24℃,W12/7℃) Cooling Capacity        kW 5.53
Power Input        kW 1.82
EER      W/W 3.04
ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 35℃)           / A+++
ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 55℃)          / A++
Rated input power       kW 2.71
Rated input current         A 12.00
Refrigerant / Weight            / R32/1.25
Rated water flow      m3/h 1.10
Fan quantity         / 1.00
Fan motor type         / DC inverter
Compressor         / Panasonic / DC inverter / Rotary / EVI
Circulating pump         / Inverter type / Built-in
IP Class         / IPX4
Sound pressure at 1m distance      dB(A) 49
Max outlet water temperature        °C 60
Water piping connections          / G1
Pressure drop at rating water flow         kPa 25
Operating temperature range (Heating mode)        °C -25~45
Operating temperature range (Cooing mode)        °C 16~45
Unpacked Dimensions ( L×D×H )        mm 1110*445*850
Packed Dimensions ( L×D×H )        mm 1160*530*1010
UnPacked Weight         kg 102
Packed Weight         kg 114


About one of SolarEast's product selling points:


SolarEast's products, which use DC inverter technology, can precisely control the motor speed, ensuring that only the power necessary to fully match the actual load is used. This is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than the motors typically used in heat pumps, and it allows users to lower energy costs.


The user may continue to be active in a pleasant atmosphere since the compressor speed is precisely controlled, keeping the water temperature within a significantly narrower range of the desired temperature.Additionally, since the inverter modifies the motor's rotation frequency in response to energy demand, a heat pump system with an inverter achieves a comfortable condition more quickly than a heat pump system without an inverter, decreasing startup time and lowering energy costs.   


Your home can be efficiently heated and cooled using an air-source heat pump. When installed correctly, an air-source heat pump can provide a home with up to three times as much thermal energy as it uses in electricity. This is possible because, unlike combustion heating systems, a heat pump transfers heat rather than converting it from a fuel.

In the vast majority of some countries, air-source heat pumps have been in operation for many years—with the exception of places that often encountered subfreezing conditions. However, air-source heat pump technology has improved recently to the point where it now presents a reliable alternative to traditional space heating in colder climates.



About SolarEast's R32 features:


1. Energy level: A+++

2. Panasonic compressor and fan motor with full DC inverter

3. EVI -30°C inverter

4. WIFI intelligent control

5. R32 is a type of refrigerant.



About SolarEast:


An air-source heat pump may offer your house with efficient heating and cooling. When correctly built, an air-source heat pump may provide up to three times the heat energy to a residence than it uses in electrical energy. This is feasible because, unlike combustion heating systems, heat pumps transfer heat rather than converting it from a fuel.Solareast Heat Pump Ltd., the world's largest solar water heater supplier, was founded in 1999. Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. is a public listed technology enterprise group dedicated to "Make the world cleaner, make the life better". It has more than 20 years of solar thermal utilization, 10 years of air source heat pumps, and 7 years of photovoltaic business experience, providing clean hot water and thermal energy solutions for 25 million households and 20,000+ engineering customers in over 100 countries.


49dB Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 1.1m3/H  60℃ 2.7kW 1160mm 0


49dB Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 1.1m3/H  60℃ 2.7kW 1160mm 1







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