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R290 75℃ A+++ Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 1217mm 1m3/h Energy Efficient

R290 75℃ A+++ Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 1217mm 1m3/h Energy Efficient

1217mm Heating And Cooling Heat Pump

1m3/h Heating And Cooling Heat Pump

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All Black,Black And White Combo,OEM
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42 DB(A) At 1m Distance
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5000 Unit/Units per Month
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R290 75℃ A+++ Energy-Efficient Residential Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 1217mm 1m³/h



Model:   BLN-006TC1
Power Supply    V/Ph/Hz   220~240/1/50
Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W30/35℃)  Heating Capacity         kW 2.92~9.1
 Power Input        kW 0.61~2.11
 COP      W/W 2.8~9.25
Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W47/55℃)  Heating Capacity        kW 2.99~8.16
 Power Input        kW 1.03~2.92
 COP      W/W 4.57~12.79
Nominal Cooling (Max) (A35/24℃,W12/7℃) Cooling Capacity        kW 1.38~5.70
Power Input        kW 0.67~2.44
Current input A 3.06~10.27
ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 35℃) / A+++
Max. input power       kW 3.50
Max. input current         A 15.00
Refrigerant           / R290
Rated water flow      /h 1.00
Fan quantity         / 1.00
Fan motor type         / DC inverter
Compressor         /0 DC inverter
Circulating pump         / Inverter type / Built-in
IP Class         / IPX4
Sound pressure at 1m distance      dB(A) 42
Max outlet water temperature        °C 75
Water piping connections          / DN 25 (1")
Pressure drop at rating water flow         kPa 20
Operating temperature range (Heating mode)        °C -25~45
Operating temperature range (Cooing mode)        °C 16~45
Unpacked Dimensions ( L×D×H )        mm 1187*418*805
Packed Dimensions ( L×D×H )        mm 1217*463*920
UnPacked Weight         kg 110
Packed Weight         kg 115


About one of the selling aspects for SolarEast's products:


There are more and more options for heating in the winter as people's demands for a pleasant existence continue to increase. The evolution of heating fuel—from burning wood to burning coal to burning gas to burning electricity—means that as science and technology advance continuously, so too does human heating technology. To heat their homes, many modern households use radiators or floor heating, as central heating uses electricity. After many years of study and technical development, air energy heat pumps have been gradually introduced to the "coal to electricity" heating industry. The conventional heating business has been greatly impacted by its features of environmental preservation, energy conservation, stability, comfort, versatility, and long life.



One of the key technologies we have is 1Hz complete DC stepless frequency conversion. The compressor may achieve more intelligent and efficient operation by realizing free operation of 1Hz stepless frequency modulation, nominal heating COP of 2.65 at -12°C, and an energy-saving function effect that is 59% higher than that of conventional units.


Second, we have the S.P.D fine wisdom cream technology, which is the key technology. Intelligent SolarEast air products with the S.P.D fine wisdom cream technology patent can properly determine the frost point to create the impact of frost frost, no frost, which may shorten start-stop times while also being efficient and energy-saving.


The third technique is the EVI jet enthalpy technology for effective heating. After extensive debugging and extensive research and development in a large-scale comprehensive laboratory, SolarEast air can produce ultra-low temperature products that use the world's leading water enthalpy technology and a world-famous ultra-low temperature compressor. This results in a product's low temperature energy efficiency being greater than 30% of that of comparable products.



Specs of the R290 from SolarEast:


1. Energy grade: A+++

2. A fan motor and a full DC inverter

3. EVI inverter for -30°C

4. Intelligent WiFi control

5. R290 is a type of refrigerant

6. Water temperature at the outlet up to 75 °C



About SolarEast:


Your home might be able to get effective heating and cooling via an air-source heat pump. An air-source heat pump can offer a home with up to three times the amount of heat energy it consumes in comparison when it is constructed properly. Due to the fact that heat pumps transport heat rather than converting it from a fuel, unlike combustion heating systems, this is possible.Established in 1999, Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. is the leading supplier of solar water heaters globally. A technology firm group with the motto "Make the world cleaner, make the life better" is Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. It has been in the clean hot water and thermal energy business for more than 20 years, using solar thermal technology for 10 years, air source heat pumps for 7, and photovoltaics for 2 years.


A publicly traded technological company group with the motto "Make the world cleaner, make the life better" is Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. It has more than 20 years of expertise using solar thermal energy, 10 years with air source heat pumps, and 7 years with photovoltaic company. It offers 25 million households and 20,000+ engineering clients in more than 100 countries clean hot water and thermal energy solutions.



R290 75℃ A+++ Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 1217mm 1m3/h Energy Efficient 0



R290 75℃ A+++ Heating And Cooling Heat Pump 1217mm 1m3/h Energy Efficient 1



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