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Air Heating R134a Household 300L All In One Heat Pump A+ 2.4KW A+ WIFI Control

Air Heating R134a Household 300L All In One Heat Pump A+ 2.4KW A+ WIFI Control

300L All In One Heat Pump

R134a All In One Heat Pump

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Product Details
Energy Efficient Class:
Net Weight:
110 Kilograms
Gross Weight:
125 Kilograms
All White,Gray And White Combo,OEM
Guarantee Period:
2 Years
Max Temp.:
75 Degree
Payment & Shipping Terms
Supply Ability
5000 Unit/Units per Month
Product Description

Air heating R134a Household type 300L All In One Heat Pump A+ 2.4KW A+ WIFI control


Description of R134a,300L All In One Heat Pump


The R134a 300-liter air source heat pump water heater from SolarEast is an all-in-one solution for effective and long-term hot water production. This device combines the heat pump and water tank into a single, compact design, making it an excellent alternative for small homes and businesses. R134a refrigerant guarantees safety and dependability while minimizing environmental effect. Users may remotely operate and monitor the system using their mobile devices thanks to the clever WiFi control function, which provides ease and flexibility.


The microchannel heat exchanger provides excellent efficiency and long-term dependability, minimizing energy consumption and running expenses. With a capacity of 300 liters, this unit is ideal for big families or commercial settings, giving enough hot water for several users. Overall, SolarEast's R134a 300-liter air source heat pump water heater is a sustainable and effective hot water production solution that offers dependable performance and eco-friendliness in a small and simple design.




SolarEast's R134a 300L all in one heat pump 


1. R134a refrigerant is environmentally friendly.
R134a refrigerant is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) with a low global warming potential and a low environmental effect. Because it is non-toxic and non-flammable, it is a safe and dependable choice for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
2. WiFi control that is intelligent.
Intelligent WiFi control is a feature that allows customers to operate and monitor their air source heat pump remotely from their mobile devices. Users may utilize this capability to regulate the temperature, turn the system on or off, and monitor energy use from any location with internet connection.
3. The temperature of the water might reach 75 degrees Celsius.
Domestic hot water may be produced using air source heat pumps, with some types capable of generating water at temperatures above 75 degrees Celsius. This is especially useful in colder areas where hot water is required for daily functioning.
4. The water output from microchannels can reach temperatures of 75°C.
Microchannels are tiny channels that are used in heat exchangers to transfer heat from one fluid to another. They allow water to be heated at temperatures as high as 75 degrees Celsius in air source heat pumps, making them excellent for home hot water applications.



5. A heat exchanger with microchannels.
Microchannel heat exchangers are an important component of current air source heat pumps because they provide better heat transfer performance, lower refrigerant charge, and lower energy consumption than standard heat exchangers. They are also less prone to clogging and scaling, which aids in the long-term efficiency of the system.
About of SolarEast:
SolarEast is an industry leader in the production of air source heat pumps and other renewable energy products. The organization is dedicated to offering environmentally friendly and efficient energy solutions for households and businesses, with an emphasis on innovative technology. SolarEast's products are intended to fulfill the demands of clients worldwide, with a selection of high-quality air source heat pumps appropriate for a wide range of applications. Products from the firm are noted for their dependability, energy economy, and sophisticated features such as clever WiFi control and microchannel heat exchangers.
SolarEast is committed to satisfying its clients' demands and guaranteeing their satisfaction via a strong commitment to customer care and support. The objective of the firm is to deliver clean, renewable energy solutions that benefit both the environment and the economy, as well as to assist its clients in reducing their carbon footprint and saving money on their energy bills.


Product Parameters:


Model YT-300TB1
Power Supply 220~240V/1/50Hz
Rated Heating Capacity (kW) 2.4
Refrigerant R134a
Tapping Cycle XL
Energy Efficient Class A+
Energy Efficient ŋwh(%) 142.0
**COP(EN16147) 3.52
Tank Capactiy(L) 300L
Air Flow(m³/h) 450
Air Discharge Vertical
Air Duct Diameter(mm) φ150
Auxiliary electric heater(kW) 2
Default Water Temperature(℃) 55
Working Temperature Range(℃) -7~43
Unpacked Dimension(mm) Φ620*1937
Packed Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 700*700*2050
Net Weight(kg) 130
Gross Weight(kg) 145
Noise(dB(A)) 46



Product production chart:


Air Heating R134a Household 300L All In One Heat Pump A+ 2.4KW A+ WIFI Control 0


Air Heating R134a Household 300L All In One Heat Pump A+ 2.4KW A+ WIFI Control 1


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Air Heating R134a Household 300L All In One Heat Pump A+ 2.4KW A+ WIFI Control 2





Air Heating R134a Household 300L All In One Heat Pump A+ 2.4KW A+ WIFI Control 3



Air Heating R134a Household 300L All In One Heat Pump A+ 2.4KW A+ WIFI Control 4








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