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R32 Air Source Heating And Cooling Heat Pump German A+++ WIFI control

R32 Air Source Heating And Cooling Heat Pump German A+++ WIFI control

R32 Heating And Cooling Heat Pump

WIFI Heating And Cooling Heat Pump

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SolarEast R32 Highly Effective Air Source Heating And Cooling Heat Pump German A+++


Knowledge of SolarEast Heatpump :



A compressor that circulates a refrigerant through a refrigeration cycle and a heat exchanger that absorbs heat from the source make up the heat pump itself. A subsequent heat exchanger is used to transfer the heat to a heat sink. Forced air or hydronic systems, such as radiators or under-floor heating, are used to provide heat in buildings. In order to provide flexibility in hydronic systems or to create sanitary hot water, heat pumps can be linked to a tank.


In addition to providing the needs for space heating in the winter, many heat pumps can also cool spaces in the summer. Heat pumps are employed in the industrial sector to either deliver hot air, water, or steam, or to directly heat materials. Greater input temperatures are needed for large-scale heat pumps in commercial, industrial, or district heating networks than they are for residential applications. These higher input temperatures can be obtained from wastewater, data centers, or industrial process waste heat.



Some important parameters of BLN-024TB3 :


 Model:  BLN-024TB3
 Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 380~415/3/50
 Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W30/35℃) Heating Capacity kW 23.98 (6.50-26.10)
Power Input kW 5.52
COP W/W 4.34
 Nominal Heating (Max) (A7/6℃,W47/55℃) Heating Capacity kW 24.29
Power Input kW 7.93
COP W/W 3.60
 Nominal Cooling (Max) (A35/24℃,W12/7℃) Cooling Capacity kW 20.89
Power Input kW 7.15
EER W/W 2.92
 ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 35℃) / A+++
 ERP Level(Outlet water temp. at 55℃) / A++


Some selling points about R32:


• Energy class : A+++

The Solareast R32 heat pump tri-system boasts an impressive energy class rating of A+++, which indicates its superior energy efficiency. This means that the heat pump can provide reliable heating, cooling, and domestic hot water functions while consuming less energy and reducing. energy costs.

• Heating + Cooling + DHW

With its heating, cooling, and domestic hot water capabilities, the Solareast R32 heat pump tri-system is a versatile solution for both residential and commercial buildings. It can provide comfortable indoor temperatures year-round, as well as hot water for household use. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective option for those looking to meet multiple heating and cooling needs with a single system.


• R32 Refrigerant


The SolarEast R32 Tri-System uses R32 refrigerant, which is a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional refrigerants like R410A. R32 has a lower global warming potential and is more energy-efficient, making it a greener and more sustainable choice.


 WIFI control


The SolarEast R32 Tri-System comes with WiFi control, which allows you to remotely control the system using your smartphone or tablet. This feature makes it easy to adjust the temperature and settings from anywhere, providing greater convenience and flexibility. Additionally, it provides real-time monitoring of the system's performance and alerts you of any issues, ensuring that the system is always running at peak efficiency.



Other important parameters of BLN-024TB3 :


Rated input power kW 10.00
Rated input current A 17.00
Refrigerant / Weight  / R32/3.5
Rated water flow m3/h 4.12
Fan quantity / 2
Fan motor type / DC inverter
Compressor / Panasonic / DC inverter / Rotary / EVI
Circulating pump / Inverter type / Built-in
IP Class / IPX4
Sound pressure at 1m distance dB(A) 58
Max outlet water temperature °C 60
Water piping connections / G1-1/2
Pressure drop at rating water flow kPa 35
Operating temperature range (Heating mode) °C -25~45
Operating temperature range (Cooing mode) °C 16~45
Unpacked Dimensions ( L×D×H ) mm 1110×445×1450
Packed Dimensions ( L×D×H ) mm 1170×530×1610
UnPacked Weight kg 160
Packed Weight kg 177



SolarEast Information:


An air-source heat pump could provide your home with superb heating and cooling. An air-source heat pump can produce up to three times as much heat energy as it uses when it is installed correctly. Heat pumps do not convert heat from a fuel, in contrast to combustion-based heating systems.The largest manufacturer of solar water heaters in the world is Solareast Heat Pump Ltd, which was founded in 1999.The technical firm Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. declares that its mission is to "make the world cleaner, make life better." In the clean hot water and thermal energy industries, it has 20 years of expertise, including 10 years in solar thermal technology, 7 years in air source heat pumps, and 2 years in photovoltaics.



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