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R290 6KW 12KW 18KW Air Source Heat Pump Domestic Heating And Cooling System

R290 6KW 12KW 18KW Air Source Heat Pump Domestic Heating And Cooling System

18KW Air Source Heat Pump

R290 Air Source Heat Pump

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Air To Water
Heating And Cooling And Hot Water
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R290 Air Source 6KW 12KW 18KW Heat Pump domestic heating and cooling system

Discover the benefits of the R290 air source heat pump



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In today's highly popular heat pump market, Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. stands out as a leading force in generating cutting-edge heat pump products. With a strong commitment to sustainable solutions and a mission to make the world cleaner and lives better, we take pride in introducing our latest innovation, the R290 heat pump. Boasting a range of exceptional features such as the Power Consumption module for real-time energy insights, an efficient IoT solution for seamless monitoring, and the SG Ready certification for grid integration, the R290 heat pump sets a new standard in eco-friendly and technologically advanced heating solutions. Embrace the future of heating with Solareast Heat Pump Ltd.'s R290, delivering unmatched performance and environmental responsibility.


  • Power Consumption module

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The R290 heat pump from Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. offers a range of notable features that set it apart from traditional heating systems. One such feature is the Power Consumption module, which provides users with real-time access to daily electricity consumption data and long-term consumption trends. This functionality empowers consumers to understand the product's energy efficiency compared to traditional boilers, highlighting substantial electricity savings and contributing significantly to the preservation of the ecological environment. The 5-inch color screen with an intuitive interface ensures simple navigation and accurate temperature changes.



  • IoT solution

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Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. also offers an efficient IoT solution with their R290 heat pump. Their IoT customer management platform can effectively save labor costs for dealers by enabling remote monitoring of data and recording all operating parameters of the units. This information is synchronized to the management background of dealers and manufacturers, allowing for quick and efficient troubleshooting and optimal solutions for any errors or issues that may arise.


  • SG Ready certification

R290 6KW 12KW 18KW Air Source Heat Pump Domestic Heating And Cooling System 3



Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. proudly holds the SG Ready certification. This prestigious seal confirms that their smart heat pumps seamlessly communicate with smart grids, enabling greater energy optimization and grid integration.

Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. emerges as a frontrunner in the highly popular heat pump market, offering a range of cutting-edge products. With their SG Ready certified R290 heat pump, customers can enjoy seamless integration with smart grids, ensuring optimized energy usage and reduced carbon footprint. It is also because the use of R290 heat pump brings a series of benefits, some European countries in order to encourage people to use R290 heat pump, have introduced relevant subsidies. Moreover, the R290's versatility shines through as it efficiently handles whole-house heating, cooling, and domestic hot water needs, making it a comprehensive and eco-friendly solution for modern homes. Experience the future of sustainable comfort with Solareast Heat Pump Ltd.'s innovative R290.


  • Dual temperature zone

Another remarkable feature of the R290 heat pump is its dual temperature zone functionality. Users can now adjust their living room floor heating to a comfortable 35 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the room heater can be adjusted to a comfortable 55 degrees Celsius. This innovative dual temperature zone capability allows users to experience tailor-made comfort at its best.


  • Wi-Fi module compatible with 5G and 2.4G networks

To enhance convenience and ease of use, the R290 heat pump is equipped with a Wi-Fi module compatible with 5G and 2.4G networks. This allows users to operate the heat pump through smartphones or tablets, providing effortless control and monitoring from anywhere.



With a strong focus on sustainability, Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. strives to solve social problems and provide society with new value through its cutting-edge heating and cooling solutions. Solar Heat Pump Ltd focuses on long-term sustainability. The company aims to contribute to sustainable growth for the world by solving social problems and providing society with new value.


Since its establishment in 2012, Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. has emerged as one of China's largest air-source heat pump brands. With a continuous focus on enriching its solutions and expanding its product offerings, Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. remains at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.


The company has advanced processes and mechanisms for quality assurance, including: USD 2 million investment, Simulate -30 to 52 ℃ environmental conditions, Ultra-low temperature laboratory, Long-term operation laboratory, and Data monitoring center.


For better accuracy and results, the company uses a wide range of automation technologies such as Commercial testing, Automatic laser cutting line, Automatic powder coating line, Halogen gas leak detection, Automatic high-pressure foaming, and Automatic Bending line.


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