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Solareast Heat Pump Ltd.

quality Heating And Cooling Heat Pump, Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump manufacturer from China

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Solareast Heat Pump Ltd., the world's largest solar water heater supplier, was founded in 1999. Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. is a public listed technology enterprise group dedicated to "Make the world cleaner, make the life better". It has more than 20 years of solar thermal utilization, 10 years of air source heat pumps, and 7 years of photovoltaic business experience, providing clean hot water and thermal energy solutions for 25 million households and 20,000+ engineering customers in over 100 countries.




Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. has 5 production bases all over China, the one located in Shunde, Guangdong focuses on air source heat pumps. This factory is over 100,000m² with a production capacity of 80,000 sets of heat pumps per Month, and we have invested USD 2 million to build the most advanced testing labs which can test up to 300kW machines under extremely cold climates down -30℃



In terms of the heat pump sector, Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. owns the largest factory with over 100,000㎡in the south of China. We are able to supply a full range of air source heat pumps for various residential and commercial applications, including swimming pools, domestic hot water, space heating, cooling, etc...



Solareast Heat Pump Ltd. has been approved by ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO18001. Our products have been certified by multiple strict tests and standards in different countries, say CCC, CE, SAA, ERP, Watermark, Standardmark, SII, etc...



At Solareast Heat Pump Ltd., long-term sustainability is one of our key drivers in how we operate. We aim to contribute to sustainable growth for the world by solving social problems and providing society with new value.



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