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6L 3KW Solareast R290 Hydraulic Module Heat Pump Without Water Tank

6L 3KW Solareast R290 Hydraulic Module Heat Pump Without Water Tank

3KW Hydraulic Module Heat Pump

6L Hydraulic Module Heat Pump

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Product Description
Model HU-3K/6LA1 HU-9K/6LA3
Power Supply 220-240/1/50 380-415/1/50
Auxiliary heater power kW 3 9
Power Input Max. kW 3.5 3.5
Current Input Max. A 15.6 16.2
Electrical Shockproof / I
IP Class / IPX1
Water Piping Connections In G1
Water Pressure Drop kPa 10
Water Pressure Min/Max Mpa 0.1/0.3
Sound Pressure level dB(A) 35
Unit Dimensions (W/H/D) mm 420×670×260
Shipping Dimensions (W/H/D) mm 480×720×310
Net Weight kg 29
Gross Weight kg 33

*Please refer to the nameplate for product upgrades or changes in specifications without prior notice.



Solareast R290 air source heat pump, when paired with the internal hydraulic module, offers enhanced flexibility and efficiency. The heat pump utilizes propane (R290) as the refrigerant, ensuring not only eco-friendliness but also outstanding energy efficiency. With its advanced technology, it achieves substantial energy savings, making it a cost-effective option for residential and commercial applications. The internal hydraulic module, which includes a circulation pump and heat exchanger connected to the outdoor unit through refrigerant pipes, allows for customizable system implementations. This flexible solution caters to the specific needs of users, enabling tailor-made heating and cooling systems with optimal performance.


  • Hydraulic Module Without Water Tank

Refrigerant pipes connect the internal hydraulic module, which includes a heat exchanger and circulation pump, to the outdoor unit. When implementing custom systems, a flexible solution makes sense.



without tank



  • User-friendly Control

The color LED screen allows you to access every menu. For ease of use, we've arranged the settings and functions onto a single page.





  •  Wi-fi Control

Wi-Fi is a standard feature on all models, making it simple to monitor and control the pump's operation remotely.




  • Energy Savings

Because of their high SCOP levels, Solareast DC Inverter heat pumps provide significant energy savings for both heating and producing hot water. Over the course of a single winter, the amount of energy used could be 30% to 50% less expensive than with conventional heating systems like a boiler.

energy saving 图标



  • Reduced Space Requirments

Each component is integrated into the internal module. Because the Solareast Hydraulic Module has an integrated hot water tank, it is a great space-saver for residential use. This all-in-one pack includes pre-set-up hydronic and hot water parts, unlike typical separate installs. This expedites setup and de-clutters your living area. The Solareast Hydraulic Module is incredibly dependable, efficient, and easy to operate.





  •  Ultra Quiet Operating Mode

We can reduce noise at night or during other times when it needs to be extra quiet by half by adjusting the power of the compressor and fan. With the least amount of use and quietest operation, this provides you with the greatest comfort.


  • Exclusive Design To Work In The Most Extreme Condition

This equipment is capable of operating in a wide variety of outdoor temperature conditions, including extremely cold ones (-25°C to 45°C).






  • Proven Quality

Future smart energy grids can incorporate solareast heat pumps to help provide the affordable heating systems needed to meet carbon reduction targets.

Every heat pump and water heater sold in Europe is put through a rigorous testing process by different certification programs. These are often the requirements in order to be eligible for state assistance. The following quality accreditation programs, which have strict requirements, Solareast heat pumps meet: MCS, Keymark, CE (Conformité Européenne), ErP (Energy-Related Products), BAFA, SG Ready, and so forth.









  • Efficient IoT Solution

For dealers, Solareast's IoT customer management platform can significantly reduce labor expenses. It can be linked to a DUT or WiFi network to enable remote data monitoring. This allows for the recording of all operational parameters of the units and synchronization of the data with dealer and manufacturer management backgrounds. The dealer can promptly offer users the best solutions based on this report if the heat pump has an error report.



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